Wednesday, March 3, 2010

shortage doctor in malaysia

Doctors or more known as a physician is a doctor who has specialized expertise in one or more branches in the medical field. For example cardiology, Endokrinologi, oncologist, nephrologist and others.

Basically, a person who has approval as a doctor is a middle level in the field. Therefore, to obtain a higher level of expertise they need through training and testing for 2-3 years before a physician recognized by the department recognizes the expertise that they want to involve
countries are now actually getting serious about the shortage of doctors.

Recently, the Ministry of Health estimates that lack of doctors in the country increasingly acute. General knowledge in most Malaysian students studying in the medical field "Unscheduled university" on their own initiative and spending for which they must sit for the examination of medical qualifications in India.
However, places are limited and waiting for more than 1 year and date of adding to their pain served in Malaysia. So many students who have finished switching direction to work in other countries.

The government should look at this issue more seriously for the national interest and ensure the doctor of this university unschedule also be given appropriate attention.

Shortage in medical not due solely because the doctors who have passed the level of compulsory service in government hospitals to private hospitals run, but the study in local university limited indirectly cause parents who take the initiative to send their children outside the University countries (unschedule university) that provides an opportunity to study with a moderate cost.

I suggest, that the time has come to Malaysia to open eyes by own medical students, because it is one of the major steps to increase the number of doctors.

Government action to introduce 1Malaysia clinic recently was a very commendable. By delivering health services and care for the welfare of the people, this effort can not be easy in view .. I say congratulations

In the meantime, the Government and the Ministry of Health also expressed forcefully by the doctor shortage. How serious this problem, so doctors are forced to take imports.

Not all people want to serve the nation by itself? at least, that is what they wanted. Grant opportunities. Give them a chance to serve ... ..

"People first, preferred Achievement"-I expect this slogan can be realized in our case.

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