Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why DO ISrael Attact tHE gaZA FLOTILLA?

The commando attacks on GAZA freedom flotilla a clear warning sign to the whole world from israel. It's like the zionist is saying,"Hey you people, we(israel) are the superpower of the world now. And we will do what we like."

Accept it or not, we have come to time where the state of Israel is already established. And their power, is undeniably strong. No one dare to stop them now. There are lots of cursing of the zionists now. All the referandum and memorandum. and the demonstrations. The best we can do(physically) is throw stones to israel's embassy (e.g. in Turkey) but still the government will ask police forces to stop these demonstrations. The commandoes of zionist did the killing and raping. And the mess is left to be cleaned up by all the other governments, police and military while Netanyahu only expressed his 'regret' over the death of civilians on the flotilla.

But forget not. This is also a call. To us, all muslims. To stop dreaming and start lighting up the fire. The spirit of Islam. Towards a ONE islam. Towards the unity of the ummah. One ummah, the ummah of Muhammad saw. Not different sects of Islam. But the unity of ONE islam by ONE ummah under ONE leader.

We need to remember as said in the Quran. As promised by our beloved prophet saw. The time will come where al-hajj(killing) will be rampant. The time will come where all government will be led by military power. Also, the time will come where one of my(the prophet) descendent with the name of Muhammad(Imam Mahdi) will come and receive knowledge from Allah. He will be the rightly guided Khalifah to establish the last caliphate according to sunnah and Quran and bring together all illuminated mankind towards ONE ummah with ONE islam to fight against the armies of the antichrist laknatullah.

It is now up to us to decide. Do we want to be among those who fought hard and get ready for the coming of Imam Mahdi. Get ready not only physically but most importantly mentally. OR, do we want to be among those who are ignorant and proud to deny the coming of this long awaited Imam despite all the clear signals said in the Quran and by Muhammad saw that came true. OR, do we want to be among those not grateful to just sit, wait and watch like the people watching movies and eating popcorns.

What can we do? Prepare ourselves mentally to the coming of Mahdi. Educate ourselves about this leader of us. The signs of him. Where, how, when and all sort of questions. Study the Quran and sunnah for the truth. Seek knowledge so that we know what is Islam. And prepare ourselves physically, perform the fardu ain. Perform the sunnah. Educate our family. Our friends of this essential information that are never mentioned in any TV station. Let as many people know, we are at the brink of this last age and we need to gather as much resources (knowledge and faith) as we need to be ready.

Remember, we are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey. and this journey of us now, is just a tiny part of the whole episode.

*If divide and conquer is the motto of the zionist to separate us. Than the answer to this is by being ONE. ONE ummah. ONE Islam. Time to reflect and not just babble unintelligibly.

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