Wednesday, May 18, 2011

mengisi borang persatuan peguam islam malaysia..

waaaaaa...baru - baru ni persatuan peguam islam malaysia ade wat offer kat pelajar2 timur tengah yg berminat dalm bidang guaman.. aku juga tak lepaskan peluang keemasan ni, untuk mengisi borang tu... tp the prob is... kene wat essay plak.. essay dlm bahasa inggeris dan arab..aish... ni yg aku lemah ni... tp abah pesan..isi je borang tu...wat ape yg dia nak... kita cube... dpt ke xdpt belakang cerita...

...o.k2 abah...angah isi... tp essay aku rase mcm kelakar la.. al maklum la aku ni taklah hebat sgt bi..mcm membe3 aku yg len.. tp neway aku cube yg terbaik... doakn kejayaanku...:)

essay............ kenapa sya layak di pilih ke program ini !...
bacelah... bahasa inggerisku yg tak la sehebat korg..huhu

Why am I eligible for this program.

When dealing with the judicial system of Islam, we can not shy away from dealing with lawyers who defend child sharia law is put to them in the syariah court. Islamic legal system is comprehensive and covers various aspects of life.

The transformation we need to do to achieve efficiency in the legal system. For me, I am eligible for this program because I was a student in the field of fiqh wal motion (Islamic law), in the middle eastern country Jordan. I was also able to speak and communicate in foreign languages, namely Arabic and English.

While in school, I was entrusted to be the leader of the hostel in 2005/2006.Subsequently I was appointed to the ranks as a student council leader (exco settlements and logistics) in 2007/2008. At university I was given the responsibility as a member of the committee on the administration of Islam and Islamic societies in contemporary Islam at the university faculty Sultan Zainal Abidin. Subsequently appointed as Secretary of the club at the university orator Islamic mafraq al albayt University of Jordan.

In addition, I also have been involved in the competition Arabic lectures and forums at the secondary school level. Next, I started looking at the experience of debating club at the university orator Sultan Zainal Abidin. Various bucket on my experience, including the independence debate tournament trophy at the university dean HEPA Sultan Zainal Abidin, until the election contest between the university debate on the king of Malaysia.

Learning activities are not stopped the debate, and I take so I was able to pursue Al al Bayt University of Jordan. in Jordan, I made the presentation ceremony in conjunction with Maal Hijrah debate. Later in 2010 represented the university in the style of parliamentary debate competition, themed "Malaysia an immune appreciation program" the office of Malaysian students at the Jordan.

According to the leadership and experience and skills that I have mentioned, so I think I definitely qualify for the program sponsored post-graduate diploma in collaboration with the association of Muslim lawyers Malaysia lawyers (PPMM). I also hope that this application can be considered.

ape2 pon....dalam essay ni mestila kene banggakan diri kan..even aku tak suka.. tapi nak buat mcm ne..huhuh.. neway semoga permohonan untuk jadi lawyer ni di terima.. amin...

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